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A Special Sexfight Between Prudie and Tania

Sunday, August 20th, 2017

The sexfight between Prudie and Tania is finally completed on, and it’s great, if I may say so myself.

It’s a spectacular sexfight ending with the winner fucking the loser with a strap-on!

It’s also 59-image long!

If you don’t visit the BSF website, you probably don’t know about it. And because of the sensitive nature of the relationship between the two pugilists, it has to be sold as a special commission, unrelated to the BWL or the BSF.

IF YOU ALREADY SPONSORED IT, you should have an email in your inbox already. If not, check the address you use for Paypal. AND if you just DON’T have a mail from me with the download link, write to me. If you can include the date when you sent your 40$, that would be awesome!

IF YOU DIDN’T SPONSOR IT but would still like to see it, write to me; I’ll give you the instructions you need to send your payment and download the full story.

BWL-504: Tania Challenges BWL Champion Mackenzie

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

BWL-504_CoverAfter facing Caribe in an elimination bout, Tania emerges victorious from the Queen (or King) of the Hill Tournament. As such, she gets a shot at Mack’s Belt. Last week, she faced the youngster in an impromptu sexfight where she stole Ed from her. Now, she’ll try to steal her Title as well.

Members, click HERE to see this fight

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BWL-502: Tie-Breaker

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

BWL-502_CoverThe Queen (or King) of the Hill Tourney ended with Tania and Caribe tied at 3 wins apiece to see which one will go on to challenge Interim BWL Champ Mackenzie for her Title and Belt. Tania managed to squeeze this important and much-anticipated battle into the schedule earlier than expected, and for her efforts she rewarded herself with the choice of venue: the Pit. A shrewd selection since we all know about Caribe’s Pit Jinx; the Bahamian Bombshell has never won a Pit battle.

Members, click HERE to see this fight

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