BWL-670: Sucker Bait

You’d think Denise is allergic to Matt…or vice versa. Although they’ve tangled 6 times, their last match was #257 way back in January 2009, so it’s about time that Big Red and the Rat got reacquainted. And what better place to catch up with old friends but in the Octagon Cage?

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BWL-669: Sophie Challenges Cindy for the Titfighting Title

Cindy’s the new BWL Titfighting Champion. She stripped Megan of her Title barely six weeks ago and already a Challenger arises: Sophie the Pink Panther who thinks her boobs can best Cindy’s naturals.

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Fall Break

There’s already been four stories published in August (1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd), so there won’t be a fight this week.

Visit us again next Tuesday when Sophie will challenge Cindy for the BWL Titfighting Title.

Thanks for being here and making this site possible!


BWL-668: Beat the C(l)ock

Eduardo faced Regine in Oil, in the ring and on the beach; three times he got the best of her. Is there a saying about fourth time the charm? Regine sure hopes so. After all, she never kickboxed Ed.

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A Special Sexfight Between Prudie and Tania

The sexfight between Prudie and Tania is finally completed on, and it’s great, if I may say so myself.

It’s a spectacular sexfight ending with the winner fucking the loser with a strap-on!

It’s also 59-image long!

If you don’t visit the BSF website, you probably don’t know about it. And because of the sensitive nature of the relationship between the two pugilists, it has to be sold as a special commission, unrelated to the BWL or the BSF.

IF YOU ALREADY SPONSORED IT, you should have an email in your inbox already. If not, check the address you use for Paypal. AND if you just DON’T have a mail from me with the download link, write to me. If you can include the date when you sent your 40$, that would be awesome!

IF YOU DIDN’T SPONSOR IT but would still like to see it, write to me; I’ll give you the instructions you need to send your payment and download the full story.

BWL-667: France Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt

It’s been quite a while since France and Caribe have butted heads, and even longer since they did so in the Pit, but here they are at last. Carrie’s had some tough TDCs lately, but has persevered. Fran hasn’t had the Belt around her waist in almost 5 years, and she’s determined to correct that. To quote Margo Channing, “Fasten your seatbelts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!”

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Tumblr Fan Page

As the handle says, he’s Entropy’s Fan No 1. And he happens to live in Montreal so we met for coffee and he recorded our conversation.

We actually had fun, and he did a really good transcript job to make me sound real smart and articulated and not at all sounding like Pepe le Pew.

I promised I’d throw unused images his way, but I don’t have many of those.

BWL-666: The Number of the Beach

Mackenzie and Petr were lovers a while back, mostly because Mack enjoyed going behind Kandice’s back. Why are we mentioning this? I don’t know. How would YOU feel getting into the ring with an ex-lover? And how would YOU feel if your arch-enemy made you tattoo your pussy after beating you, and the first person to see this infamy mark were your ex?

(You DIDN’T know Prudie beat Mack and made her get a pussy tattoo? Here’s the zip of the story from last February, for free!)

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BWL-665: Together Again for the Fifth Time

Jenn and Kim probably have the longest-standing rivalry in the BWL. They joined the League to get a shot at fighting each other, and things were never really settled between them. So now they face one another for the fifth time, and they both walk into the Octagon with two victories against each other. Who’ll be the better woman tonight?

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BWL-664: Recruits

Chip’s got only nine BWL fights under his belt; Melanie’s got three. Despite that, Mel already has more victories than the diminutive guy. Should Chip maybe go back to just writing? His alter ego character Johnny Moxie sure thinks so, but Chip wants to show him—and the husky blonde—that he’s as much in his place in a ring as in front of a Remington.

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