Here are a few free of what you’ll get a weekly dose of if you join the BWL. Each
stories has at least 18 frames (usually more) and is loaded with mixed of F/F action.

And here’s a small extract of the type of parallel stories we run once in a while, with a different feel but always the same quality of action.


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  1. What ever happened to Sexfight Island?

  2. I saw something some time back that had the same art style as ‘The Lifeguard’ story. I know you’ve ran other similar styled extracts but this one was a MvM match with a female spectator.

  3. i’m joining mainly for the femdom mixed matches i’ve noticed here.. where the guys get totally devoured, facesat and forced to orgasm endlessly beneath her sexual & physical prowess.. i read about one match where Kim defeats Olivier by an octopus hold or something, after crippling his resistance by putting him through multiple orgasms. how exciting! i wish i could take Kim on… although, i’d stand hardly a hundredth the chance Olivier had against her, due to my being pretty much without any musculature whatsoever. however, my stamina and energy reserves are damn near infinite. lol, it’d just be one undying submission to her.. anyways, i will meditate warm thoughts on the smooth-sailing of your monday surgery…

  4. ok , look i’m sorry about what I said , and your right I had to right , I enjoy your samples , thanks and i may sign up , becomeing a member, but is becoming a member a one time fee?

  5. hey, we need some more better, and new sample’s for your new BWL, if you don’t mind.

    • I went to my local McDonald’s and asked for free samples. Weird, they didn’t give me any. I said “I never tasted your food. How can I know if I’m gonna like it?” They said “buy a meal and see for yourself.”
      The free samples are there to give potential paying members an idea of what they’re gonna get when they become members, not to allow some to jerk off for free. I can’t believe anybody would have the guts to actually request new free material! This is an insult to my work and to all the people who pay to read my stories.

  6. I guess you use the word “wrestling” in a very broad way as there is more boxing, male-female boxing and wrestling than there is female wrestling.