BWL-688: Get a Load of Kim

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David didn’t have a great year in 2017, thanks to Kim who helped him cheat his way into the Sexfighting Championship and then told the world about the stratagem. Now every woman he’s scorned came after him—with a vengeance. So now that he gets a shot at Kim in the ring, you can bet he won’t let it slip away!

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5 Responses to “BWL-688: Get a Load of Kim”

  1. xljubljana says:

    “ …..So now that he gets a shot at Kim in the ring, you can bet he won’t let it slip away!”
    ….Oh yes he will …guaranteed … he’s probably the most soft-headed of the guys in the BWL … bound to think himself winning instead of making sure he does! …remember when Petr had issues with Louise … the cold hard way he went at her … implacable …that’s how real men are when it’s a matter of breach of trust or disloyalty … I’ve not forgotten the look on my favourite guy’s face when …wrong place …wrong time … I let my mouth run away with me… and that was a good few years ago !!
    … now …ok boys …tell me this …why so anti David? …eh ? …don’t any of you see that Kim did it deliberately … it takes two to tango boys …as Hornet says it did nothing for her …at the time!!
    …but now ??? …yes she could gamble on being able to handle David… she was absolutely right …he needed to focus …and she could be pretty sure he wouldn’t … it was a risk but worth taking …after all if he beat her it would not matter much to her …but losing to her would hurt him physically …and mentally !!
    …yes she humiliated him …by beating him!! …the avenging he-man hero being beaten up by a lithe little girl… that mattered …but getting him to take himself off was just icing on the cake…brilliant opportunism … superbly carried out …but it was David ! …sorry Vic …losing their trunks ….oooh yes!… made to cum …yes … that’s normal… …but made to take themselves off … no …this was David!
    …it won’t work again …well actually …maybe it might…the BWL guys are sooooo dumb …but even they will eventually realise …dumb David… pathetic David… … all he had to say was… ‘…is that all you can offer? … I don’t need to come off for that … look I’m hard …a man often is …but it’s nothing more than that… I don’t want you …you just aren’t good enough… ’
    …now that would have been an interesting ending…
    …don’t forget boys … good for the goose …good for the gander… …so … when a guy wins he doesn’t screw the girl into the canvas /sand/floor …he takes a disdainful look and says …’do it for yourself …loser bitch!’
    ….oh and one other thing…ok …ok …I know I’m out of my league in this… but come on boys … surely David should have a broken neck …at least …shouldn’t he ?????

  2. Vic says:

    Wow, kim and rita would make the ultimate emasculating tag team. I like it. Usually the guys have no issue facing any of the girls, but they may now think twice before facing those two, because a loss would be the least of their humiliation. Being physically dominated, forced to cum, and having your trunks taken as a trophy would take quite the psychological toll. And i feel like rita and kim would bring out the best in eachother, while also covering up any weaknesses.

  3. hornet says:

    Well that was a long time coming I never actually liked that storyline with Kim because it didn’t seem to be something she would need to do I mean making someone else unbeatable so she could then defeat them for the title just seemed kind of cheap for her and out of character I also felt like the narrative only really helped David become a true heal character it really did nothing for her except almost completely crush her in a time when she had already had a real downword spiral so it’s good to see Kim Finally destroy David I always felt that he really never got the humiliation he deserved after it was revealed I think only Kandice went after him while Mimi and Mac went after Kim also Mimi and Kim really need to have an actual fight they have only really had two fights and one of those was a squash match the other was a sexfight in oil back when Mimi first joined the league and the times they meet on the sexfight site were even worse I couldn’t even call them fights

  4. random_guy says:

    Wow, someone get my coat case, what Kim did to David was cold.

    Hopefully other women from the BWL will take a cue from Kim and make all their male opponents jerk themselves off after losing a match, totally humiliating.

  5. Redhood212 says:

    Oh David, to quote Lloyd Christmas “you are one pathetic loser”.

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