BWL-687: The Evil I

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Caribe and Mackenzie have never tangled with each other before, so it’s high time that they did, even though the odds may seem a trifle lopsided.

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7 Responses to “BWL-687: The Evil I”

  1. Spartwow says:

    I’d really like to see a Mack rival/body double ala France and Megan. Heck imagine Sophie having a little sister around the same age as Mack. I say Sophie because she and Mack had some very tightly contested bouts.

    • ForeShadow says:

      They also both have colored hair.

      • Spartwow says:

        Okay so while I know nothing’s coming of it, I can’t help but think how awesome of a storyline this could be:

        Sophie asks Mack to introduce her sister to fitness contests (maybe she’s a year or two younger than Mack)

        First meeting, Sophie’s sister isn’t at Mack’s level and watches from the audience or is eliminated very early(possibly during that time when Mack had that sexfight with a fitness model).

        Sophie’s sister follows Mack upstairs and hears Mack and the other model going at it.

        Soph’s sister is both turned off from the contest (seeing it as disrespectful to the fitness contest) and secretly incredibly turned on.

        Soph’s sister hits the gym hard and tries to catch up to Mack so that she can ‘return dignity and respect’ to the fitness contests.

        Soph’s sister and Mack compete to a split decision at a fitness contest with both being incredibly aroused by each other’s nearly identical bodies/strength.

        Mack attempts to challenge Soph’s sister to a sexfight similar to the one she had some contests back as a tie breaker, but Soph’s sister ‘shuts her down’ (out of respect for her profession) although she really, really wants to fight Mack that way. So instead, they vow to beat each other next contest. Both go home and masturbate furiously thinking of each other.

        The next contest, the two decide to not leave victory up to the judges and are very competetive and combative during the posings. Close to the end, the two get particularly aggressive and pose while going chest to chest. Unintentionally, their nippes hard from arousal, hook into each other and when they both slightly turn for their next pose, they accidentally bend each other’s nipples causing them both to start gushing cum from their cunts (effectively destroying each other’s chances of winning).

        Knowing the dam just broke, the two rush back to the locker room and lock the door, sexfighting and extracting mutual orgasm after mutual orgasm out of each other.

        Exhausted and laying over a bench from where they were just tribbing, the two now vow to beat each other at their ‘next’ sexfight. To which they set a date later that week.

  2. ForeShadow says:

    I am impressed with Mac’s new look. I like the variety of body types and silhouette’s the BWL has, giving each a unique look, and covering a diversity of body image.

    This was a fun fight; great work!

  3. anon says:

    Mack used to be one of my absolute favorite girls, but I’m not sure how I feel about the new-look Mack. Obviously none of these girls are real-life proportional but there’s just something about Mack’s new look that seems off. The waist was what caught my attention the most, just looked unnatural to a different degree than everything else on here. Maybe I am alone in this opinion, or maybe the new look will grow on me, but currently not a fan.

    • ChazLamborghini says:

      Mack’s waistline has always been extremely narrow, it has always shown in side views and when she twists. It’s tough as an artist to create a more slim and skinny waist line character, when all your other characters are disproportionately slim waistlined. You box your self in.

      Mack looks like a a couple peas would give her a bowel obstruction.

      The match was decent though I actually thought Mack was going to take the win.

  4. Tom says:

    Oh yea, I’m liking this ‘new and improved’ Mack! She will finally be a contender! Looking forward to her upcoming stories! Thanks!

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