BWL-684: Rita Passage

Rita’s had her first official BWL fight three weeks ago and lost to sexy Kim. It’s now time for her to make her mixed debut, and Petr is more than happy to do the honors.

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6 Responses to “BWL-684: Rita Passage”

  1. Vic says:

    I’ve waited for Rita’s mixed debut for a long time, and it’s everything i hoped for. I hope she keeps going in this direction.

  2. GEORGE LARSON says:

    I can easily imagine some St Tremble amazons following Rita to Canada. Maybe they will come looking for Hugo Willis or Professor Le Blond?

  3. GEORGE LARSON says:

    Now that Rita has invaded Canada and has made a beachhead I wonder who is/will be the alpha amazon on St Tremble? Maybe someone from Canada or a local lady?

  4. SchoolTombstone says:

    Gee! Another bloke fumbling like a drunk toddler when a pretty lady touches his naughty bits! What a surprise!

    • random_guy says:

      Normally I would agree, but this was different this wasn’t like “Hey, check out my tits and ass” it was more like Petr got sexual assaulted. It’s one thing for the ladies to throw themselves at the guys its completely different when they force themselves onto them.

      Still, it kind of shows how loyal Peter is, if it were any other guy I’m sure they would have been like “Fuck the match let’s fuck”.

    • xljubljana says:

      Wowee boys !!! …this was sooooooo good!! …yes…yes…I know … normally I would agree with School Tombstone… but not this time … definitely not …!! … talk about role reversal …it’s superb… the guy’s skimpy outfit driving the girl wild …the guy trying to cover himself … right down to a guy doing the ‘…look up here ‘…!!
      ..and …phwaaaauuuugghh …consensual rape !!! …male and female wound up to an absolute fever of lust …neither caring what happens next …as long as it does …and the first one to get any sort of a physical hold drives the other utterly crazy with frustration ….it’s a superb feeling … …the absolute essence of sexual confrontation… …it swamps your brain …it’s absolutely unequalled .. and boys …you captured it !!
      …ok …ok this time it was the guy got blown apart … lucky Petr!! …it’ll be a very long time before he recovers from the psychological effect of this encounter… even if he beats Rita next time …which he won’t …because after this she owns him …physically …sexually …and mentally …she is in his head …big time !!!

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