A Special Announcement from Denise

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“By now, you all saw the episode of America’s Next Sex Symbol where I lose my preliminary challenge to a male opponent.

I need to clarify a few things. First, this sexfight was SCRIPTED. They needed one of the contestants to be eliminated from the get-go. They picked me to do it and, like a professional, I agreed to do it. I also signed a non-disclosure agreement to NOT reveal this fact, but since the show never made it to air, I’m guessing this agreement is moot. I’m real happy my performance as the humiliated girl was good enough to convince Louise, though—but then again, this show WASN’T aimed at the smart audience.

Second, David KNEW about this. Of course, he wasn’t happy Louise made him LOOK like he was with a loser, so here I am, setting things straight for HIM as much as for ME.

Finally, Louise swore she wouldn’t come after David after I kicked her ass. The woman clearly can’t be trusted, as you all can plainly see. I’ll get my revenge for this, but for now, I believe that this little stunt was more damaging to HER reputation.

Oh, one last thing. The show didn’t air because of a major accident on set. The rumors about a BWL member being involved are true, but I’m NOT going to out this person and I hope Louise has enough honor left to be discrete. If this person wants to reveal who she is and what happened, it’ll be her decision.

Now I’m going back to training so I’m ready for Mack next week.”

Members can download the zip of the episode of America’s Next Sex Symbol HERE.


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