BWL-676: Putting Up a Front

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Last time France faced Paul was back in July 2013. It was a kickboxing bout and, after two knockdowns, Paul KOed the mega-busty pugilist. Now, they meet again. They’re 3 victories apiece. This is their Game 7. Who’ll come out on top?

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4 Responses to “BWL-676: Putting Up a Front”

  1. xljubljana says:

    Hi boys ….I kind of agree with random-guy but …well maybe not for the same reasons …I guess anyone reading this already knows I’m happy to see the guys winning more often …BUT …yes it’s a big but … this was not what I’ve been arguing for …it was just a reverse of the usual hapless male …since when was France so feeble? …yes …I agree the drawing is as good as ever …yes …the story arc and the ending is full of potential …but both could happen just as well with France putting up a good show …as she had the last time…. I may be female but I’m not so vain as to think you were testing me …so why boys? … why ?

  2. ForeShadow says:

    France’ tits have taken a real beating in her last three fights… : \

    Great work! THis was a great story for Paul. He’s one of my favorite male characters. I like how well defined his character is…a stoic, well meaning, guy. He’s not arrogant, and he’s not cruel. He fights fair…though he MAY not be fully aware of his own strength. I really liked his reaction at the end; a mix of guilt and concern for France. I’m sure she’s fine, but it speaks volumes about Paul’s character that he doesn’t revel in his victory here.

    Also, on the art side, this fight really made great use of this recent (well…not that recent, but the last few years) ability to distort the character model’s mesh and allow you to show the breasts reacting to the force of a blow! Especially image 10, where Paul REALLY caves in France’ right breast! It helps to sell not only the volume, weight, and density of the breasts, but the POWER of the blows. It’s a small touch that speaks volumes!

    Excellent work as always!

  3. ars8982 says:

    Hmmm I wonder how this will play out for France. Reminds me of the hurting Prudence put on Mackenzie that forced her to “downsize”

  4. random_guy says:

    So the ending of this match has left me with only two thoughts: “Uh-oh” and “Oh no”.

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