BWL-675: Tomato Paste

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The big blondes are back in action. Our muscular Megan and massive Melanie put on the boxing gloves for their first-ever battle, while referee Robin is on hand to try to contain these two powerhouses.

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3 Responses to “BWL-675: Tomato Paste”

  1. random_guy says:

    So that part where Melanie asks to herself “What did I ever do to Megan?”, did she really forget how she humiliated Megan during the Couples Tournament?

  2. ForeShadow says:

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but Melanie’s model looks different to me…thicker. The shape of her breasts fuller. I can’t tell if I’m imagining it or not, but I really like it. 😛

    I think Megan might look a little different too…at least the shape of her breasts.

    Or I’m imagining it. 😛

    Either way…a fun fight! I like how Melanie is coming along, and I really like her relationship with Don. I like the full spectrum of characters the BWL offers up, and the diversity of character.

    Great work again!

  3. ars8982 says:

    Go MELANIE!!! One of those two titles are hers for the taking.

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