BWL-674: Always Lecher Subonscious Be Yer Guide

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Chip is relatively new to the BWL, and he’s never faced Cindy before. On top of that, he hasn’t been able to score a single victory in the Pit, the most unforgiving venue of them all. Will tonight be his night?

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4 Responses to “BWL-674: Always Lecher Subonscious Be Yer Guide”

  1. xljubljana says:

    Well …well !! ….nice one boys … I was kinda hoping… but with Matt having beaten Red ….
    … …reeely reely pleased to see that witch getting taken by a guy … and Chip of all the guys !! …I reckon Chip is underestimated by all the girls in this league …well not Louise …and not Cindy now ! …but she’ll probably not learn …and what’s happened to that witch ?!!!! …she can’t even get Chip in the nuts ..too slow? … .aimed too high? …couldn’t believe she was getting a beating from a little guy ???
    … or is she spending too much time pleasing men?
    …and what was that about needing boxing practice ? …the queen of the garage ring ?? …am I glad to see her making excuses…

  2. ForeShadow says:

    No. Johnny Moxie is just a fun way to personify Chip’s masculinity to us, the readers. He views everything through the lens of a writer (a pulpy one at that) and has a certain ideal for masculinity. It’s just a running monologue for our benefit. I quite enjoy it! It gives Chip’s character a very specific voice and makes him one of the more novel of the male characters. I think he’s actually my favorite after Paul (I just enjoy Paul’s stoic earnestness).

  3. Philip Terry says:

    Question. With this Johnny Moxie voice in Chip’s head, is he actually insane?

    • random_guy says:

      I’ve always had this theory that Chip just got hit in the head one too many times and now Johnny Moxie, a character he created, is a second personality that’s slowly trying to become the dominant personality.

      This whole Chip story line might make a good Twilight Zone episode.

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