BWL-673: Prudence Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt

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Not that there’s any familial favoritism at work here, but Tania has moved her daughter Prudie to the top of the TDC Challengers list so the golden blonde can face the platinum blonde Champion Caribe for the BWL Belt. Although the Bahamian Bombshell pushed for her favorite kickboxing in the Arena Ring Kickboxing, they’re going to battle it out in the Pit with no interference from a referee.

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5 Responses to “BWL-673: Prudence Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt”

  1. Flowwer says:

    Sorry for being so negative, but … I’m in shock.
    I’m a HUGE Caribe fan, and a foot fetishist.
    Can’t simply believe Caribe went shod on a title defense tatami. She looses almost EVERY time she does it!
    Will she ever understand that she has something for feet, and she MUST fight barefoot?
    🙂 (smiling, but not that much … about my shock I am serious)

    • Sherlock says:

      Glad to hear that you’re a HUGE Caribe fan, as am I. As much as I love seeing her win, alas, sometimes she must lose, mostly for future story arc reasons. But hey, she had another great run as BWL Champ. She may be sidelined for a little while due to that eye injury, but she’ll be back soon enough.
      I hadn’t noticed that barefoot-shod angle. I think our characters fight barefoot too often, but Photoshopping shoes onto them in each image takes time, a luxury of which we often don’t have. Please don’t use this as an indicator of the outcome for Carrie’s fights because it’s NOT an intentional spoiler.
      Are you aware that Caribe was inspired by an actual person? Her attitude definitely; her appearance not so much, except for several important details.

      • Flowwer says:

        … about Caribe’s modelling on a real person I had some suspects, indeed. 😀

        About her bare (not too often!) feet, my humble opinion is that characters “live their lives”, sometimes independent from the one of their creator, somehow. 🙂
        Maybe it’s … you and Carrie the ones who have not still realized that she has an important thing for feet, and that fighting shod drains from her the excitement that becomes the combat spirit that makes her (nowadays, if someone doesn’t push a heel in an eye of her) invincible in the league. 😉

  2. xljubljana says:

    Hi hornet, ….tee hee …just think of it as an exercise in equality…. in entropyland suspension of disbelief is an essential requirement …and not just for mvf ! …and no need to worry about Caibe’s eye …. even for Prudie’s small shoe size …from the position of the toe it looks more like the heel was in her ear !

  3. hornet says:

    So wait is prudie the second person to ever have the sexfight and champion titles at the same time that didn’t go so good for Kim not to mention that she beat one of the more dominant champions in the bwl I still think Mimi had a better run and she beat Kim for the sexfight title the queen of sexfights on this site I honestly don’t know how I feel about this

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