BWL-672: Back So Soon?

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Unanticipated circumstances forced the BWL to reshuffle it’s fighting schedule this week, and Mimi kindly agreed to get in the ring for the second time in a row—this time to face a male opponent. “Me, I’m just happy I get a shot at beating Mimi,” David said. So without further ado, let’s go to the BWL Ring where referee Robin awaits.

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3 Responses to “BWL-672: Back So Soon?”

  1. muller says:

    I’m glad mimi is back.
    I’m sure she’ll be a champion again soon. I wait for the day when she defeats Candy and finds her old self-assurance.

  2. Fan says:

    I wonder if we’ll find out what those unanticipated circumstances were. Perhaps on BSF this week?

  3. SchoolTombstone says:

    “Mimi is in a slump? Better give her a speed bump to run over”

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