BWL-671: Robin’s Law

Nobody knows what happened in the locker room after Regine won her last kickboxing bout against Eduardo except her, Ed and Robin. But something sure is off tonight as Reg is getting ready to face the ex-BWL Champion Mimi who’s been struggling lately and has her mind set on a victory at all costs.

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5 Responses to “BWL-671: Robin’s Law”

  1. SchoolTombstone says:

    AHH! Bigger picture!

    • random_guy says:

      Yeah if the picture being bigger is a new thing I hope it sticks.

      • Entropy says:

        The pics were 900 x 1800 (so a 1/2 proportion). I switched to what you’ll get on a modern TV (9/16) so 900 x 1600. The images area actually SMALLER, but my guess is the proportion works better on monitors so they LOOK bigger.
        So this is totally accidental and I’m super happy it’s better! I would’ve done it a long, long time ago if I knew…

  2. ForeShadow says:

    This might sound dissonant, but while Megan is my favorite character in the BWL universe, I think that Regine is the most beautiful woman in the BWL to me. I just find her stunning.

    This was a good fight! I like all the character beats here…I particularly like the callback to Candy, who is a character I like. I hope she comes back in some way, as I feel she adds to the diversity of silhouettes in the BWL/BSF, and diversity has always been a strength of this universe.

    Regine seeking Robin’s approval is also an interesting beat…not love or even lust…she just feels humilated and defeated, and wants to be acknowledged. It’s a interesting reaction to her fear of the unknown.

    Some compelling work here!

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