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As the handle says, he’s Entropy’s Fan No 1. And he happens to live in Montreal so we met for coffee and he recorded our conversation.

We actually had fun, and he did a really good transcript job to make me sound real smart and articulated and not at all sounding like Pepe le Pew.

I promised I’d throw unused images his way, but I don’t have many of those.

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  1. ForeShadow says:

    I am loving the interview with Entropy! It reminds me of the time I interviewed him. 😀

    I agree with both EntropyFan and Entropy; BWL, to me, is more than pornography, it’s erotica. Porn is simple…erotica is complex. Porn engages the body…erotica engages the mind. Erotica is all about context…in porn it doesn’t matter WHO is fucking, where they are doing it, or WHY. Erotica is a fantasy…all of that matters.

    I also find Entropy’s character creation process interesting, because it’s similar to my own. Starting with an image and then seeing what it suggests is a good way to go about character creation. It’s not very clinical, but it does allow a character to evolve naturally, and the visual suggestions thing about them…an expression might suggest her temperment, which in turns suggests how she’ll react to external stimuli, or a scar or tattoo might suggest backstory; how did she get it?

    In the case of the creation of Megan, I feel like it was a number of things coming together; if you have a ‘clone’ of France, how do you make her different from France? To make Megan make sense to himself, Entropy made her character a mirror of France’s…she was her opposite in almost every way except looks at first. Megan was a result of a logic problem; if you have two of the same character how do you differentiate them? In the end it made for, in my opinion, one of the strongest characters in the league.

    I’m finding the same with Jayanti and Melanie; starting with an appearance, what would an Indian girl in the BWL be like? Entropy drew ideas from that culture, such as the pre-arranged marriage and how those old customs class with being in a foreign culture that does not subscribe to them, builing Jayanti to be a great contradiction (contradiction of character being a potent writing device); she rejects Mannik to show that she’s free, but he’s also HERS…so now that she’s lost him she desires him. It gives her motivation and makes her interesting.

    In the case of Melanie, it starts with a simpler idea based fully on appearance; what would a thick girl be like in the BWL universe? Melanie’s body dysmorphia is a great character hook because it makes her character so easy to sympathize with…in a world of superhumanly beautiful women, a character who was less than that perfect archetype would have problems with confidence…she’s obviously beautiful, but by BWL standards she’s ‘unconventionally’ attractive. Thus we sympathize with her when she loses because she wallows in her shame, and we thrill at her triumphs because it builds her confidence and self-esteem. And BEING the only girl with her body-type also makes her unique…she stands out.

    Sorry, I’m babbling. I just appreciate the effort and skill that goes into the BWL, even if Entropy makes it look so effortless. ^_~

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