BWL-666: The Number of the Beach

Mackenzie and Petr were lovers a while back, mostly because Mack enjoyed going behind Kandice’s back. Why are we mentioning this? I don’t know. How would YOU feel getting into the ring with an ex-lover? And how would YOU feel if your arch-enemy made you tattoo your pussy after beating you, and the first person to see this infamy mark were your ex?

(You DIDN’T know Prudie beat Mack and made her get a pussy tattoo? Here’s the zip of the story from last February, for free!)

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  1. random_guy says:

    I’ve been dreading this day for the last 6 months and while personally I hate the idea of Mackenzie being marked like this, story-wise it makes a good story ark. Hopefully, what Mackenzie said at the end of this match will come to fruition.

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