BWL-664: Recruits

Chip’s got only nine BWL fights under his belt; Melanie’s got three. Despite that, Mel already has more victories than the diminutive guy. Should Chip maybe go back to just writing? His alter ego character Johnny Moxie sure thinks so, but Chip wants to show him—and the husky blonde—that he’s as much in his place in a ring as in front of a Remington.

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3 Responses to “BWL-664: Recruits”

  1. xljubljana says:

    Hi random_guy …. sorry to be so late … well …yes… like SchoolTombstone says a guy won last time ….but hey … come on guys …wouldn’t your ability to suspend disbelief have been just the teeeniest bit stretched if he hadn’t?
    As for Chip …well he ought to know better by now…punching a girl’s tits when he was …yes …I know… probably by accident …perfectly positioned to finish her with a choke hold… well he was …wasn’t he ? …and he wasn’t even hard …so none of that old and tired ‘overcome by surging male lust’ …so called ‘excuse’ .
    …more interesting for me is Mel’s rampant string of victories… tee hee …has Entropy been getting hassle from my ‘anti-body shaming’ sisters …or maybe it’s Sherlock …I hear they’re even more bitchy down his way … anyway this under-endowed slim-line version says … well boys …let’s just say polite is the least suitable adjective available…

  2. random_guy says:

    Oh Boy! I can’t wait to see all the “guys always lose” complaints.

    In my opinion, I honest don’t care whether guys win or lose so long as the story is good, after all this is a woman dominated league it has been since the beginning and the guys are nothing more than second bananas with sometimes being the motivation for the women.

    However, I will say one thing in defense that someone made (too lazy to look up the name) and that’s that I too also appreciate when the outcome of a fight seems 50/50, I mean keep me guessing Entropy that’s all I ask.

    • SchoolTombstone says:

      No such complaint to be made, guys won last time. If it becomes another streak of losses 4 or 5 long, then there’ll be a complaint to be made.

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