BWL-662: Truly Gritty

BWL-662_CoverThe last time Paul faced Kim, he was BWL Champion. The Pit battle was intense and Kim held her own, attacking his manhood repeatedly, but in the end Paul KOed her and kept his Belt. Now they meet again, this time in the beach ring, and Paul isn’t about to let Kim take away a victory that would qualify him for a shot at winning back his Belt.

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5 Responses to “BWL-662: Truly Gritty”

  1. ChazLamborghini says:

    I remember probably near a decade ago when Kim had a relatively outstanding record. If Entropy entertains the idea of making the men of this league more competitive, it will be mostly off the backs of Kim, Louise, Jen, and perhaps a couple other as of late back burner brawlers..

    • xljubljana says:

      Well …possibly …but come on Chaz…what about Prudence Mack Melanie …and why not Cindy? …and Sophie …and Regine …after all even in Entropyland as it has been France Megan Mimi and Caribe don’t have perfect records against the guys …. but I do agree there’s no point in just giving the guys easy wins …though …
      .hmmmh… come to think of it Brad for one might not manage even that …just about beats Mack … and then the poor baby gets ty ty against Melanie ….

      • ChazLamborghini says:

        They would be the few other back burner brawlers, I just didn’t care to mention them all. I may be wrong but it seems the guys are far less likely to beat France, Megan, Mimi, Caribe even Cindy.

        If I was to see a new update and it was a male vs Mimi, France etcetera, I would give him about a 15% of pulling off a win.

        If it’s vs a non showcase female, I give him about a 35% chance.

  2. Agrofunk says:

    Sorry – what ninjas in Star Wars?

  3. hornet says:

    I know you have been getting a lot of complaints about the males not winning enough but come on thats the fourth match that Kim has been completely dominated in a row I don’t care if she loses but stop making her a jobber also please don’t have Kim go after Paul I was really liking the Prudie vs Kim stories on the BSF and I really don’t want paul to be involved at all it’s been Kim’s best rivalry and she doesn’t need to be turned into Jen in the final fight

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