BWL-661: Lou and Pru; How Do You Do

BWL-661_CoverLouise’s a BWL veteran—one of the five founding members of the League—while Prudence is a newcomer. They never faced each other. The blonde’s a little bullying bitch looking to make a name for herself; the brunette’s a seasoned fighter who’s trying to make up for a recent humiliation at the hands of a rival. Put them in the Pit and you got a recipe for a great fight.

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4 Responses to “BWL-661: Lou and Pru; How Do You Do”

  1. Lieon says:

    Hey I loved the fight, Prudie has become my fav no matter what happens.

    I have always wondered if outside of relationships and Pru and Tania. Is they anyone who is related?

    • ForeShadow says:

      Not that I know of, aside from Annie and Anna Tower who are twins, and the Triplets, who have no names I’m aware of.

      • ForeShadow says:

        Actually I’m wrong! I believe that Louise and Tania are…cousins? They share an aunt and once had a fight over their inheritance, which Louise won; getting the estate which houses the outdoor ring.

  2. ForeShadow says:

    Great match!

    I really love the idea of using the generation gap to drive a rivalry, and I think that Prudie’s come a long way. I like her various motivations…tired of being viewed as the loser, wanting to impress her mother, but also wanting to prove her own merit to others and make up for past humiliations.

    I really enjoy Prudie and her complexity…as well as the heelish arrogance that comes with her wealth, privilege, and naturally perfect body. Like many of my favorite BWL characters, she’s a mass ov interesting dramatic contradictions that make her a fully fleshed out and challenging character.

    Great work again!

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