BWL-660: Don Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt

BWL-660_CoverCaribe hates Meg ever since the husky blonde beat her in a blowjob contest. And she’s not too fond of Don, either, since it was HIS dick that cost her the victory. So today she gets to defend her Belt against him in a Pit fight where the only way to win is by KO. In her last Pit fight against him, she prevailed. Can she repeat the performance and keep her Title?

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21 Responses to “BWL-660: Don Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt”

  1. ChazLamborghini says:

    With the mixed “fights” if Entropy would prefer this be a Female domination site and not a wrestling/fighting site that is fine, It is just uninteresting to me and many others. I am here for a sense of competition and the unknown anticipation.

    If that’s so then split the leagues up again and label them correctly. I would never spend my money on Female domination and nor should anyone when you can find it on YouTube.

    What is near impossible to find is actual competitive wrestling.

  2. ChazLamborghini says:

    Nice try.

    I assume you’re trying to drum up sexism, because we disagree.
    I am arguing for the eunuch’s of this league to be eliminated, or made worth while. I am not stating they send the woman back to the kitchen.

    You know you can always leave. There are thousands of websites and old vids of female domination for you to enjoy.

    You can revel in the excitement as a sad sack complete with comb over and mustache that screams “I can’t pass a COREY check” flops around pathetically, as a weather beaten, leathery lass who looks like Hulk Hogan with implants and gender reassignment places him in a head scissor for fifteen minutes of heart pounding action.


  3. ChazLamborghini says:

    In closing the website slogan is “Woman in intense combat action against male and female opponents.” The key word is intense.

    Nothing is intense about seeing a muscle bound yet inept eunuch male with an 8 and 32 record get predictably steamrolled.

  4. Duralex says:

    Who cares who win?

    What I want to see is women like Caribe in a fight. Who cares if she fights a guy? If she fights a girl, it’s just double the fun. Winning or losing, as long as you keep it sexy, I’m a happy subscriber!

  5. JustSomeGuy says:

    This website giving us some of the sexiest fighting action on the web, and I want to point out that Entropy once again gave me a lot more than what I paid for.

    When I joined, the deal was that I get 20 images a week minimum.

    In June, I got a grand total of 104 images in four stories, which means I got a full, 24 images story more than what I paid for. In May, it was 101, so another full week of material in bonus.

    Nobody seems to notice this, but I sure do. No other website I ever paid for gave me MORE than my money’s worth.

    Thanks, Entropy

  6. Irresistible111 says:

    Will U stop bitchin already? Entropy, I know u moderate ths. Why do u approve this constant stream of bitchin?

    I’M a mix wrestlin fan. I H8 when guys win. HATE IT! And 99% of the mix wrestlin sites understand that. Except this 1. But I get what Entropy wants 2 do. I get that when guys lose all the time losing stops being interesting. So I’m here and I get on board and U DON’T HEAR ME BITCH EVERY TIME A GUY WINS!

    You’re spoiling the fun. No 1 is puttin a gun to yur head. U don’t like it just leave.

    • Entropy says:

      MY view on this is that one only comments when one cares.

      Everybody’s allowed to try to steer the site toward what they like.

      I’m glad to know YOU like it when guys lose. I’m glad to know some people are happy about this.

      The more you comment, the more I know what you want. You’d be surprised how often comments inspire me–negative or positive.

      As far as not publishing a negative comment, it would be easy and sometimes good for my morale, but I decided against that early on. I want people to know they can voice their opinion. And to paraphrase you, when comments are positive all the time, this takes away some of the value of the compliments.

    • ChazLamborghini says:

      Well you get what you want 75 to 80% of the time, you have no reason to bitch. If you want to see Female domination you have a veritable cornucopia of options to choose from. To find actual competitive mixed wrestling there’s DWW…. That’s it.

      So that is why they’re bitching.

      To me it is just a wasted update to host a match with a predictable ending.

    • SchoolTombstone says:

      So you hate it when men win. I don’t hate it when men lose, I hate it when men lose all the time.

  7. SchoolTombstone says:

    FIVE male losses in a row and TWO title matches!? I’m sorry to repeat myself but COME ON!

    • Sharknife says:


      • SchoolTombstone says:

        So it sometimes feels like one third of the entire roster is a joke, or space fillers.

      • ChazLamborghini says:

        It’s not sometimes, it’s always.

        This league has jobbers. Jobbers are fine in the 1980’s and early 90’s WWF or E (whatever) when you had a roster of hundreds of wrestlers and multiple shows, with many matches a night. Having jobbers works out great to give stars a chance to shine.

        When you have a small roster of 16 and only have four matches a month, jobbers are a waste of time.

        • Sharknife says:


          • ChazLamborghini says:

            I have left. But I have also given Entropy enough money over the past decade to warrant my opinion being heard. I’ll rejoin when something that piques my interest pops up, see it the continue to pay for nothing until my subscription runs out.

            I have given Entropy a shit ton of cash over the years, even though I only like two or three girls on the roster, who’ve barely shown up the past three years. The reason why is because I support what Entropy does here.

            So if I want to complain I sure as hell can, and should because I’ve paid for a shit ton of content I don’t even look at nor give a shit about.

            If Entropy had a pay by update plan then you would never read a complaint. But as it stands paying to watch a pointless match with a forgone conclusion to fulfill a female domination fetish, no thanks.

  8. SchoolTombstone says:

    Pre-fight prediction: If Don wins this match, I’ll eat my sock.

    • Sherlock says:

      I’d be more impressed if you had offered to eat MY sock. Still, you always have a 50%-50% chance of being right…or wrong. Unless the Spanish Inquisition bursts into the scene. NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition.

      • ChazLamborghini says:

        50-50 really? It’s not picking which hand has the quarter. Depending on the woman, as if it’s a Titan titted obviously favored female it’s 85-15. If it’s one of the less endowed or less favored females it might go up to 70-30 or 65-35 at best.

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