BWL-656: Matt Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt

BWL-656_CoverCaribe has been BWL Champion since June of last year, when she defeated her lover Mimi for the Belt. Since then, she successfully defended her Title six times—three times against both men and women. Tonight, she faces Matt who had to defeat both Megan and France to qualify.

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12 Responses to “BWL-656: Matt Challenges Caribe for the BWL Belt”

  1. xljubljana says:

    Hi guys, ….I tried …honest! …but I couldn’t let it go! …come on boys it’s not difficult to make the men more effective… the posing isn’t the issue ….not really …there’s nothing in it for girls…and that’s us outside entropyland and the girls inside too!!!! …there’s no honour in beating a useless hunk …and as you boys were saying… entropy goes for strong women… so make the men harder to beat…more skillful… …oh and pleeeeeeease not have competent men acting like schoolboys over a girl’s breasts …it’s sooooo pathetic and sooo ridiculous. ….it doesn’t even make sense in the story arcs …come on sherlock! …that’s not like you!!
    ….yes I admit it… I would like the men to win more often… and more skillfully… it would make the girls’ wins so much more significant… but it’s the hapless…hopeless… performances that spoil the stories… …and yes I do see that sometimes the rostering or champions have to be ‘steered’ to work. ….but ….but …but haplessly…hopelessly …why?

    • Chazlamborghini says:

      My suggestion for the posing being less generic (no offense to the artist, I don’t mean plain) across the board regardless of size or gender would help make the mixed matches look better, without improving the guys overall records. Like if every mixed match for the ladies was an uphill battle of attrition, instead of a dominant beating of a castrated gimp.

      Entropy could go that route, which would keep the status quo, but would be more work. Or he could make the guys perform better. I understand this is a league of amazonian females, but the guys are all huge, and ripped to shreds, aside from chip who is just ripped to shreds muscular wise.
      If all the guys were out of shape slobs, with no combat experience other than whats on TV, then watching them get slaughtered like cattle would make sense.

  2. SchoolTombstone says:

    More focused on another woman than her male opponent, check. Zero goddamn offense from the bloke, check.

    Yep, this is a mixed fight alright.

    • Entropy says:

      You know I’m always striving to make things better. So if there are things that would make the mixed fights better for you, I’m always open to hearing suggestions.

      • ChazLamborghini says:

        It’s a tough proposition, because the men are for the most part geldings.
        Even on the rare occasion they’re successful it usually is just to further the female opponent’s story/feelings/inner monologue. The men are secondary characters, thought most are well flushed personalities they’re still second fiddle. To make them stand out, would take a lot of effort. Not only in their standing with in the league, but also a more logical match flow.

        • ChazLamborghini says:

          Entropy uses dialog to enhance and explain his visuals.
          Let’s take a 185lbs France, and 290lbs Paul, for example. Currently
          Paul punches France in the face, and France reels in pain, and her inner monologue sells that he is so strong I can’t take many of these, then she returns fire. Entropy would have to completely revamp his style to fix things. If Paul punches France clean in the face, it should blast her across the ring, and her inner monologue should be marshmallows, and gibberish as she crumples into a heap. He would have to spend a lot more time creating poses for mixed fights to break the current trend.

      • SchoolTombstone says:

        It’s just the numbers. Male losing streaks are longer & their win/loss ratios are worse (most are under 50% wins).

        • Chazlamborghini says:

          I don’t think them winning more will happen unfortunately, they are not the focus. My answer was more tuned to your grading of Matt’s performance, or lack thereof. Entropy runs a matriarchal amazonian ruled league. He could make the guy’s look better performance wise, but it would take a lot of work. The girls dodging, and slipping more avoiding punches, and kicks. Pulling wins from the jaws of grappling defeat with a lucky last minute choke, or hold. It’s easier and more efficient to have everyone fight almost the same no matter their physique or gender.

          • SchoolTombstone says:

            I’m not saying men should win because they’re men, that’s sexist. It just seems mathematically uneven.

          • ForeShadow says:

            …I just don’t see the problem. The way worldbuilding works in storytelling is that you build a world that supports your central premise. The BWL is a world of strong women. Strong women are what interest Entropy and Sherlock. That’s the fantasy.

            I personally, don’t care about the math or the percentage of fights that men win. It does not bother me at all.

          • ChazLamborghini says:

            It’s problem depending on your preferences. Obviously School Tombstone, and a few others who may or may not be around anymore prefer the men to be less pathetic.

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