BWL-655: Miss Demeanor

BWL-655_CoverPigtailed Princess Jennifer has been in a slump for more than the past 2 years, losing 6 and winning only 3 since the beginning of 2015. During that same period, Mackenzie has lost 6 and won 4, only marginally better than her opponent. When it comes to boxing, neither has anything to brag about, but here they are, ready to duke it out in a 5-minute time limit bout.

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11 Responses to “BWL-655: Miss Demeanor”

  1. ForeShadow says:

    Agree with Entropy and Random. Before anything, this is fiction…storytelling. Making an interesting narrative that allows for the creation of conflict and te advancement of character makes is more interesting to me, personally, than record-keeping, which doesn’t add much of anything to the narrative or the characters besides some background. An indecisive victory motivates future conflicts and rivalries, paying off dividends for story.

    • ChazLamborghini says:

      The timed matches are a good concept if executed well. If the conclusion to the story telling gets mired on the back burner and stagnates for months or years, then I’m not as big a fan. If they are kept fresh, you can look at it as the match /storyline is extended over a few updates.

  2. ChazLamborghini says:

    Time limited or not as long as the matches are good it shouldn’t factor in. I prefer a fight to the finish as well, so I hope these time sensitive battles are not every update.

    What I really wish for is this rematch to happen sooner than later, perhaps in a more grappling themed venue.

  3. redhood212 says:

    I like the concept for a regular match but IMO it shouldn’t be used for Arc Finishes.

    The Louise/Denise feud needed a knockout finale IMO (Pit), Denise IMO didn’t win David as Louise was still standing (It was more of a cheap win).

  4. random_guy says:

    I respectfully disagree with SchoolTombstone.

    I like these new time limit matches because it brings a new level of competition to the BWL where everyone has to try harder in order to win, just like in BWL-650 where we saw Denise afraid that she would look weak in front of everyone if she couldn’t knock out Louise before time ran out, and besides even if she did knock her out it wouldn’t be as satisfying as her thinking that even though she won, she didn’t feel like she won.

    • SchoolTombstone says:

      Random Guy, so it helps with character motivation your saying? Alright then, I’m not really interested in that side of it so that’s why I didn’t consider it. Meh, agree to disagree.

      • Entropy says:

        If I may, the reason I wanted to add the fourth dimension (time) to the 3-dimension (I’ve been waiting weeks to plug this one) is that it makes victory less binary. It gives shades to it. Losing by KO is more definitive and crushing than losing by decision. It also adds a layer of strategy to the fights. It add an urgency, too. But finally, I like having judges who can be imperfect or swayed. To me it just opened a lot of new possibilities to a format I’ve been using since 2002. I’ll still have KO or submission fights without time limits (the Pit is an unavoidable example). If you’re never in love with it, I hope you guys will learn to tolerate it.

  5. SchoolTombstone says:

    That last comment “split decisions rarely satisfy” pretty much sums it up.

    To be blunt, I don’t really like this new time limit system. It seems like it’s just here to make these ‘controversial’ endings happen. Furthermore, if there’s a decisive winner within the time limit (like BWL-654) it doesn’t factor in at all.

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