BWL-654: Ride ’im, Cowgirl

BWL-654_CoverThree months ago, Denise and Eduardo faced each other in the Pit. Ed dominated most of the fight and punished the diminutive redhead’s body, but in the end, a fatal mistake turned a sure victory into a tie. And with such competitive opponents, a tie is never an acceptable outcome, so tonight, they meet again in the Octagon to settle the score.

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NOTE: The LAST frame of this story was missing upon publication. It’s fixed now. Sorry!

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8 Responses to “BWL-654: Ride ’im, Cowgirl”

  1. redhood212 says:

    A cool little twist would be, If Robin loses then she has to Suck/Fuck Ed but if She wins she gets to Suck/Fuck David as a Fuck you to Denise

  2. Augustine says:

    Are we going to learn more details about the death during Robin’s last sexfight?

  3. bakura says:

    is this sexfight the next fight we’re going to see in BSF?

    • Entropy says:

      We’re in the middle of the Titjob Tournament quarterfinals, but I’ll probably insert it between the quarters and semi.

      • bwl fan says:

        Sorry but what titjob tournament as I have not see something about that in the title of your latest stories

  4. bakura says:

    were there supposed to be more than 25 pages? because that didn’t look like a proper ending.

  5. redhood212 says:

    Are pages missing?

    It ends somewhat abruptly

    • Entropy says:

      You and bakura are right: somehow the exportation of the last page in JPG format went wrong. I fixed it so now the story is complete. My apologies!

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