BWL-608: Kim Challenges Louise for the Titfighting Title.

BWL-608_CoverThe BWL was in shock after Louise stole the Titfighting Championship from Caribe after being excluded from the Tournament because her breasts were too small, and it was just as shocked when she defended her Title against G Team member Denise. Now Kim, one of the smallest-titted girls, is challenging the Champ, proving once and for all that quality trumps quantity!

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4 Responses to “BWL-608: Kim Challenges Louise for the Titfighting Title.”

  1. ChazLamborghini says:

    Great update love the Saturday night ride finish!

  2. bakura says:

    does that ending mean we’re going to have another robin story on bsf?

  3. hornet says:

    I just half to ask how many people are befor Kim to face Mimi because lets face it Kim and Mimi rarely meet on either site in fact the only real one on one fight they had was there only fight about 500 fights ago they really need to face each other soon

  4. ashley says:

    Wow great match and i hope we can also see how this will effect the louise vs Denise storyline

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