BWL-582: Old Times’ Sake

BWL-582_CoverOnce in a while, we realize that two veterans who’ve had extensive fighting careers barely faced each other. It’s Kim and Regine’s case. Although they faced each other four times, their last fight was in February of 2008, when Kim defeated Regine and took her BWL Belt. Today, they’re ready to take a shot at each other for the first time in almost 8 years.

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4 Responses to “BWL-582: Old Times’ Sake”

  1. ChazLamborghini says:

    It’s funny how Kim and Kandice both have big tits, they would be D or double D cup, Yet they are being touted as small.

  2. ChazLamborghini says:

    I stated before I think Kim and Kandice are the placemakers for variety here, and are not subject to change.

    I think.

  3. hornet says:

    I agree I don’t want Kim to be changed we already have enough top heavy fighters and Kim’s perfect the way she is and hopefully she will stop being sexually destroyed and start getting some revenge

  4. SchoolTombstone says:

    Entropy, If you give Kim a boob-job I swear I will reach through cyberspace & wag my finger at you so hard!

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