Pag_01There won’t be any posting this week on the BWL. There have already been four stories for July (2nd, 9th, 16th and 23nd), so the story that was due online on the 30th falls on vacation week.

To help you with the wait, here’s a SUPER BONUS: has been publishing a story featuring France and Myriam called Death Ring. So first, here’s a summary of the first eight chapters, FREE FOR MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS:

SUMMARY (get the zip HERE)

For Chapter 9, they commissioned little ol’ ME to do the art! And they added a very sexy encounter to conclude the chapter, which they are happy to show our MEMBERS:

ENCOUNTER (get the zip HERE)

With stuff like that, you’ll wish I was on vacation every week!

3 Responses to “VACATION SUPER BONUS!!!”

  1. Stee says:

    I loved the BadGirlsArt take on the BWL guys and girls! The anatomy is taken to such awesomely ridiculous extremes. Even better, the guys simply sexually annihilate the girls! I would love to see more of that!

  2. ForeShadow says:

    This might be a dumb question, but is this canon? Does this “count” in the BWL/BSF proper timeline? If it does, it creates some interesting potential story going forward…

    Great work! Did you make Megan’s waist thinner for this to match the BagGirlsArt style?

    • Entropy says:

      I gave the good people at BadGirlsArt the right to use some of the BWL characters precisely because they had radical ideas on what to do with them. The consequence is that to allow them complete liberty, nothing they do “ties my hands”. Think of it as some sort of parallel universe.
      And yes, I did modify the Poser characters so they would be closer to their drawn version. I felt it was clear that the people liking their stuff liked a more muscular physique, so I tried to give them something halfway between the BWL version and the BadGirlsArt version.

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