BWL-508_CoverDear Rita,

Having had a belly full of the Montreal winter, I’ve decided to treat myself to a week on Saint-Tremblé. My BWL friends have told me what a hellcat you are, so I figure the best way to wind up my island vacation will be to face you in a boxing bout. Any sort of indoor or outdoor ring will do. I get 70% of the gate when I win—which I will—and you and Dario can split the rest as you see fit. Bon chance, ma petite.



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BWL-507_CoverRecently Louise took some time off from her carefree life as a member of the idle rich to reign as the BSF Sexfight Champion for about three weeks. Then she was dethroned by David. Losing the BSF Title so quickly is bad enough, but losing it to a guy is a disaster in the Basement World and it left Louise with an attitude. She’s in the Pit now to work off that attitude against Don, whose main squeeze Melanie is MC-ing this event.

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A Whole Lotta Help!

Just wanted to let you know enough of you guys agreed to pay one full year in advance to go on with the project.

So I’ll be upgrading my workspace and, hopefully, be able to give you guys more for your bucks!

But if any of you wanted to do this, there’s still time. Honestly, I didn’t get enough to completely cover the cost, so a couple more of you would be awesome!

I’m giving 15-month memberships to those who agree to pay one full year in one installment. So for dual memberships, it comes down to a few cents more than 10$ per month per website!

Let me know if you want to jump on board; we still have room for you!




Cindy faced Megan in July of 2011. It was in a garage boxing bout—Cindy’s lair—and Megan beat the brunette—although a certain form of respect was established between the two tusslers. Today, they meet in the outdoor ring for a private fight, but the ambiance is definitely on the cold side…

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BWL-505_CoverNow that we’re finished with the Queen (or King) of the Hill Tournament and all of its subsequent matches, we return to business as usual. Seems like everyone wants to knock off Interim Champ Mackenzie, and tonight’s two tusslers are no exceptions. Kandice and Chip have both set their sights on the popular plum-plumed pixie.

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poser_pro_2014_box_shotThis is especially addressed to those of you who buy three-month memberships, to one site or both.

You guys saw the change of lighting and textures on the sites lately and, from your comments, you appreciate the new “feel” of the images. This is due partly to me exploring Poser some more, partly to switching from an archaic version of the software to a less-archaic version.

But here’s the thing: To use the new version and even upgrade to the latest, I would also need to upgrade one of my computers. Right now, my most powerful machine is almost four year old and it lags like crazy, making the work slower and therefore taking away precious time I could spend making the work better and better.

The problem is I can’t afford a new machine—or the newest version of Poser—right now, nor in a near future. So here’s what I’d like to try:

If some of you are a bit more comfortable than others money-wise, would you mind paying a full year in advance, through money order or Western Union?

A one-year membership to either the BWL or the BSF would be $180, and both sites would come up to $320.

The way I see it, if only four of you would buy a one-year dual membership, I’d have enough to get the best desktop computer for the job AND upgrade to the brand new Poser. And if I got a couple more people, I could give you a discount on the year!


Please write to me at entropy@basementwrestlingleague.com if you are interested. IF AND ONLY IF I have enough people, I’ll reply with the information you need to proceed. If I don’t, I’ll just send you a thank you mail and we’ll forget the whole thing. No point in you going through the hassle of sending all that money for nothing.

Two things I feel I need to add: I haven’t missed an update since October of 2002, so you know you’ll get your money’s worth;  and of course I’ll make sure you don’t lose a day of the subscription you have going AND you don’t get rebilled!

Thank you all for being members in the first place, and thank you again for considering this.



BWL-504_CoverAfter facing Caribe in an elimination bout, Tania emerges victorious from the Queen (or King) of the Hill Tournament. As such, she gets a shot at Mack’s Belt. Last week, she faced the youngster in an impromptu sexfight where she stole Ed from her. Now, she’ll try to steal her Title as well.

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BWL-503_CoverLast time France faced Brad, it was way back in October of 2010. She won using her signature breast smother, but this time Brad made sure he wouldn’t succumb to France’s mounds; he challenged her to a boxing match.

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BWL-502_CoverThe Queen (or King) of the Hill Tourney ended with Tania and Caribe tied at 3 wins apiece to see which one will go on to challenge Interim BWL Champ Mackenzie for her Title and Belt. Tania managed to squeeze this important and much-anticipated battle into the schedule earlier than expected, and for her efforts she rewarded herself with the choice of venue: the Pit. A shrewd selection since we all know about Caribe’s Pit Jinx; the Bahamian Bombshell has never won a Pit battle.

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I know 99% of you guys are here to get excited about the BWL women—fine by me!—so skip this; nothing erotic here. But none of us escape a certain reflection regarding our love for porn and eroticism. What’s more, this kind of strong, confident woman totally empowered by her sexuality is exactly the kind of woman we worship on this site.

I found this through facebook on http://www.dailyhiit.com, posted by MK Morris. A Duke University freshman, “Lauren”, was outed as a porn star recently and there has been major fallout ever since.

She sat down with the Duke Chronicle to give her side on the issue, and had some interesting points about repressed sexuality and perceived notions about her profession.

With a $60,000/year tuition, starring in porn is certainly going to pay off those student loans faster than a waitressing gig, which Lauren has tried before. She comments that she actually found waitressing to be more degrading than working in the porn industry, and that she enjoys the sexual freedom she gets from her job.

The interview didn’t do much good, as Lauren still receives messages threatening sexual violence, slut-shaming her, or asking for sex. It’s not like she was forced into the sex trade, she enjoys starring in porn, it’s not a necessary career choice, it’s an ideal one for her. I actually think she’s managed to deal with the situation with a considerable amount of aplomb, posting a personal response that is a really great read and pretty eye-opening:

“But why would you do porn?”

People often ask me this question. They know I am a freshman at Duke University, and their shock and incredulity are apparent when the rumor they’ve heard whispered or read on a chat board turns out to be true.

However, the answer is actually quite simple. I couldn’t afford $60,000 in tuition, my family has undergone significant financial burden, and I saw a way to graduate from my dream school free of debt, doing something I absolutely love. Because to be clear: My experience in porn has been nothing but supportive, exciting, thrilling and empowering.

The next question is always: “But when you graduate, you won’t be able to get a job, will you? I mean, who would hire you?”

I simply shrug and say, “I wouldn’t want to work for someone who discriminates against sex workers.”

I am not ashamed of porn. On the contrary, doing pornography fulfills me. That said, I vehemently want to have my privacy respected — and I ask that anyone who knows my real name respect the fact that I am only discussing this publicly because it was made a public matter when I was confronted by a fraternity member who chose to tell hundreds of other men in the Greek scene.

That’s why I am writing this. That’s why I gave an interview to the student newspaper at Duke. Because if people are going to talk about you, you might as well control the conversation and use it to start a dialogue, which in this case is about the abuses we inflict on sex workers.

One of the facts Internet commenters have gotten very wrong is accusing me of participating in “rape fantasy porn.” This is a horrifying accusation, but I absolutely understand where people are coming from. The site in question that I shot for is a rough sex website. That is how I perceived it at the time. I was not coerced or harmed in any way during the filming of the scene. Everything I did was consensual. I also stand by and defend the right of adult performers to engage in rough sex porn.

Everyone has their kinks and we should not shame anyone for enjoying something that is perfectly legal and consensual for all parties involved.

Of course, I do fully acknowledge that some women don’t have such a positive experience in the industry. We need to listen to these women. And to do that we need to remove the stigma attached to their profession and treat it as a legitimate career that needs regulation and oversight. We need to give a voice to the women that are exploited and abused in the industry. Shaming and hurling names at them, the usual treatment we give sex workers, is not the way to achieve this.

For me, shooting pornography brings me unimaginable joy. When I finish a scene, I know that I have done so and completed an honest day’s work. It is my artistic outlet: my love, my happiness, my home.

I can say definitively that I have never felt more empowered or happy doing anything else. In a world where women are so often robbed of their choice, I am completely in control of my sexuality. As a bisexual woman with many sexual quirks, I feel completely accepted. It is freeing, it is empowering, it is wonderful, it is how the world should be.

It is the exact opposite of the culture of slut-shaming and rape apology which I have experienced from certain dark corners of the Internet since being recognized on campus a few months ago.

It has been a rude wake-up call to say the least.

The storm began when I came back to school from Christmas break, happy and confident in myself. I was only a week in when I found myself being bombarded by friend requests on Facebook from random male students. At first, I didn’t think anything of it. I was a bit flattered to be honest (maybe I actually am pretty and nice and not awkward, I thought), but then, the unthinkable happened: a student in my grade followed my alter ego on Twitter.

When I got the notification, my heart stopped.

I stood there shaking in disbelief and fear. I knew what was coming next: fear, humiliation, shame, threats, name calling.

What I did not expect was that I would be brutally bullied and harassed online. I did not expect that every private detail about my life would be dissected. I did not expect that my intelligence and work ethic would be questioned and criticized. And I certainly did not expect that extremely personal information concerning my identity and whereabouts would be so carelessly transmitted through college gossip boards. I was called a “slut who needs to learn the consequences of her actions,” a “huge fucking whore,” and, perhaps the most offensive, “a little girl who does not understand her actions.”

Let’s be clear about one thing: I know exactly what I’m doing. What about you?

My entire life, I have, along with millions of other girls, been told that sex is a degrading and shameful act. When I was 5 years old and beginning to discover the wonders of my body, my mother, completely horrified, told me that if I masturbated, my vagina would fall off.

The most striking view I was indoctrinated with was that sex is something women “have,” but that they shouldn’t “give it away” too soon -– as though there’s only so much sex in any one woman, and sex is something she does for a man that necessarily requires losing something of herself, and so she should be really careful who she “gives” it to.

The prevailing societal brainwashing dictates that sexuality and sex “reduce” women, whereas men are merely innocent actors on the receiving end. By extension, our virginity or abstinence has a bearing on who we are as people — as good people or bad people, as nice women or bad women.

Women’s ability to be moral actors is wholly dependent on their sexuality. It is, honestly, insane.

The virgin-whore dichotomy is an insidious standard that we have unfairly placed upon women. Women are supposed to be outwardly pure and modest, while at the same time being sexually alluring and available. If a woman does not have sex after a date, she will be labeled as a prude. If she does have sex, she will be referred to later as a ho or a slut.

Society thus sets up a norm in which women simply cannot win.

We must question in this equation why sex workers are so brutally stigmatized. Why do we exclude them for jobs, education, and from mainstream society?

Why do we scorn, threaten and harass them?

Why do we deny them of their personhood?

Why does the thought of a woman having sexual experiences scare us so much?

The answer is simple.

Patriarchy fears female sexuality.

It terrifies us to even fathom that a woman could take ownership of her body. We deem to keep women in a place where they are subjected to male sexuality. We seek to rob them of their choice and of their autonomy. We want to oppress them and keep them dependent on the patriarchy. A woman who transgresses the norm and takes ownership of her body — because that’s exactly what porn is, no matter how rough the sex is — ostensibly poses a threat to the deeply ingrained gender norms that polarize our society.

I am well aware: The threat I pose to the patriarchy is enormous. That a woman could be intelligent, educated and CHOOSE to be a sex worker is almost unfathomable.

I find it interesting that porn (a billion-dollar industry) is consumed by millions of people – men and women (and all other equally wonderful genders) alike — yet no one is willing to consider the lives of the people behind the camera. No one wants to hear about the abuses and exploitation that take place, no one wants to hear about the violence committed every day against sex workers, no one wants to consider that we have hopes and dreams and ambitions.

No, all we are is “whores and bimbos.”

I reject this. Instead, what I ask for is simple. I, like all other sex workers, want to be treated with dignity and respect. I want equal representation under the law and within societal institutions. I want people to acknowledge our humanity. I want people to listen to our unique narratives and dialogues.

To the anti-pornography feminists out there: I very much respect your opinion. Nevertheless, I want you to consider how you marginalize a group of women by condemning their actions. Consider that when you demean women for participating in sex work, you are demeaning THEM, and consequently, YOU become the problem.

Please do not continue to make the mistake you have made in the past of ignoring the voices of minority communities. Listen. Listen to the women who have for so long been silenced. Listen to their thoughts and their needs. Only then can we achieve solidarity and true progress within our movement.

I ask people to deconstruct why they treat female sexuality with such disdain.

Why do we call women sluts and whores? Why do we use synonyms for prostitute as some of the worst insults in the English language? Why do we shame rape victims for the unspeakably heinous crime committed against them? Why is the first question out of many people’s mouths: “What was she wearing the night in question?” Why do we condemn a woman who has had multiple sexual partners outside of marriage?

Think about it. Be very honest with yourself. You may be surprised by the answers.

As for my professional career, I have no current plans to quit porn and I refuse to let ignorant people deprive me of the education that I have worked incredibly hard to achieve.

I am going to graduate, I am going to pursue my dreams and I will hopefully galvanize change in a world wrought with gender norms and sexism.

Just try to stop me.”

Oh, and all of the fraternity guys of Duke University who are slut shaming her for participating in porn would also like you to just not worry about how they found out she was a porn star in the first place. (Hint: by watching porn).